Thursday, February 08, 2007

6 & 7

Cardboard and I are big fans of the photoblog
3191. We love seeing the daily morning shots that Mav and Stephanie take. Some days they are eerily similar, other days they just complement one another beautifully. We're such 3191-junkies that we wanted to see their weekend mornings. But even artists need the weekend off!

So Cardboard and I thought we would challenge our photographic skills and take over where they left off. We're calling it 6 & 7 (named for Saturday and Sunday). Our one rule is the photo has to be taken before noon. We'll be posting mosaics of the results each week. To see each of the photos individually, check out our flickr photoset.


Anonymous said...

I love how quirky you guys are...these photos are great...I am excited to come to Chicago Memorial Day weekend - if your around!

Katie said...


we'd love to get together with you when you're in town! can't wait!!