Wednesday, March 21, 2007

National Lampoon's Cardboard in Japan

In just over a week, my family and I are taking a 14-hour plane ride and landing our big ol' American bootys smack dab in the middle of Japan! Yatta! [I'm told this the Japanese equivalent to "Yay!"]
We're flying into (and out of) Osaka and hopping on the Bullet Train to visit other places, such as Kobe and Kyoto. My mom is an excellent trip planner so we have a pretty tight itinerary but I wanted to see if you guys had any recommendations for stuff I should see, do, or eat. Kanpai!

Cherry Blossom 1, photo by bis kis MEG

If the weather cooperates with us, we'll get there just in time for the peak of the cherry blossoms!


Devon said...

actually we are only really taking the bullet train to Hiroshima... hehe. But i'm not going to put any more suggestions of where to go because where we are going is all my ideas!

Anonymous said...

man, i did 10 days jam=packed in japan - osaka, tokyo, nara, kamakura, phew! I recommend going to Nara and Kamakura if you can. Todaiji is in Nara and has Japan's largest Buddha. In Kamakura, you can go inside the Buddha. If you have any questions, ask!

Cardboard said...

I know we're going to Nara. I'm excited to see all the squirrel-like deer! My family is also fond of always seeing "THE BIGGEST ---" on all our trips. According to our plans, it doesn't look like we're getting to Kamakura though. But we're staying for 10 days too and on our last day, we're seeing a baseball game: Tigers vs Dragons! So sweet!